Praise be to Pepe

In the not-so-distant future, the world has undergone a seismic shift in religious beliefs The old gods and faiths have been replaced with something entirely new – Rare Pepes. The once-humble meme has become the primary religious icon for billions of people around the world. It all started with a group of technologists who believed […]

Powering the Future with Vintage NFTs

Utility tokens. Metaverse passes. Tickets to the cool guy’s club. There seems to be an NFT solution to every problem, especially those that don’t yet exist. Amidst all the constant innovation and development, it’s easy for a project to fly off the rails and get lost in a cycle of burning old tokens and birthing […]

The Gates of Pepe are Flying Open

The time has come just as the prophecy foretold. Rare Pepes are finding their rightful place at the helm of historic NFTs.  Forgotten Pepe dispensers are being gobbled up, wrapped, and listed for exponential amounts on OpenSea. Frozen-solid OG Pepe wallets are starting to thaw and drop their Pepes to the wriggling masses.  The price […]

The Decentralized Mind

Blockchain and the Realm of Ideas Decentralization is shaking up the way we exchange currencies, form organizations, and even create art. But let’s face it: in our own lives, most of us feel pretty damn centralized. We typically experience the world via a single vantage point, and we are biologically programmed to give priority to […]

All the World’s a Meme

NFTs as Spiritual Gateways It’s no secret that most of us spend our lives glued to screens. We dance from platform to platform, with a sneaking suspicion that “social media” is making us feel more alone than ever. Somehow, anonymous platforms such as reddit or our favorite MMO allow us to express ourselves in a […]