The Gates of Pepe are Flying Open

Table of Contents

The time has come

just as the prophecy foretold. Rare Pepes are finding their rightful place at the helm of historic NFTs. 

Forgotten Pepe dispensers

are being gobbled up, wrapped, and listed for exponential amounts on OpenSea. Frozen-solid OG Pepe wallets are starting to thaw and drop their Pepes to the wriggling masses. 

The price of Pepe

will continue to climb, but it will never reach Peak Pepe. That’s because Peak Pepe is infinite. There is not enough eth, btc, or even usd in the entire world to graze to the true value of a Nakamoto. 

You may hold many Rare Pepes

or none at all, but know that if you’re ever chosen to be the proud owner of a Pepe, this is only a fleeting role. In time, Pepe will want to move on to another owner. Although the true value of Pepe is incalculable, Nakamoto and his friends want to touch as many lives as possible. Never regret selling or trading a Rare Pepe for any price. Feel good about giving the greatest possible gift to a fellow meme-lover.