Ticker: $BAG

Launch Date: 5/21/2023

Total Supply: 100,000,000

All-Time High: $0.02039323


BagHolder, also known as $BAG, is a fascinating entity in the digital assets space. This ERC20 token, issued to the tune of 100,000,000, signifies ownership in a unique vault of Bitcoin, which houses a historical collection of digital collectibles called RAREPEPEs.

$BAG’s liquidity pool plays a key role in its function. With each trade, fees are collected into this pool. These collected fees are then used to expand the collection of RAREPEPEs held within the vault, thereby increasing its overall value.

The mechanics of BagHolder are facilitated through its contract, which can be found at the address: 0x70881d5c8a5950ceedf1f1b4b5d4105718642548, and its trading activities can be viewed on platforms like dexscreener or dextools. The token’s fractionalization has been managed by, a platform specializing in fractionalized art.

The BagHolder Vault is an interesting feature of this project. It collects trading fees and uses them to accrue more RAREPEPEs. This implies that any trading activity, regardless of chart direction, helps to increase the underlying asset’s value.

Many of the initial BagHolder token holders are original RAREPEPE community members who have donated part of their personal collections to the vault in exchange for the token supply. The RAREPEPE community has a history dating back to 2016 and is considered one of the original “NFT” communities, born in Bitcoin’s op_returns. The Vault may hold other assets of interest, but its main goal is to continue expanding its RAREPEPE collection and maintaining its status on the RAREPEPEs holder leaderboard.



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