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We are the first and only Cardano stakepool offering original Rare Pepe NFT raffles to stakers.

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Those that stake with us, stay with us.

maintain control

Your ADA remains in your wallet or device. Staking your Cardano with PEPE is safe, secure and simple.

why pepe?

Delegate and relax. Your staking rewards compound automatically.

Your keys, your ADA. When delegating to PEPE, you keep control of your coins.

Low fees, and over 3% ROA (Return on ADA) Lifetime.

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A stake pool is an active node in Cardano’s blockchain with specific configurations allowing it to produce blocks. A stake pool node is also referred to as a block producer node. A block producer differs from other relays on the network as the relays do not produce blocks.

The stake pool produces blocks for Cardano’s blockchain in proportion to the amount of ADA delegated to the pool. Those that stake/delegate their ADA to a pool will earn rewards based on the amount of ADA they have staked and the number of blocks the stake pool has produced. The rewards are automatically distributed to the delegators by the protocol.

Stake pools are run by stake pool operators (SPOs). The SPOs are network participants with the skills to reliably ensure consistent uptime, maintenance, and monitoring of a node to help ensure the success of the Cardano network.

Successful stake pool operators will have experience in security, networking, server administration, and more.

Cardano’s network protocol uses a probabilistic mechanism to select a leader for each slot, and that stake pool node will expected to create the next block in the chain.

The chance of a stake pool node being selected as slot leader increases proportionately to the amount of stake delegated to that node. Each time a stake pool node is selected as a slot leader and successfully creates a block, it receives a reward, which is shared with the pool proportionate to the amount each member has delegated. Stake pool operators deduct their running costs from the awarded ada, as well as specify a profit margin for providing the service.

Staking Rewards are paid every 5 days at the beginning of each epoch. They are paid in ADA and sent directly to the address of the account holder.

To maximize your rewards, it’s best to avoid staking to saturated pools.

A pool becomes oversaturated once its stake reaches the Total Global ADA, (over 31 Billion ADA) divided by the K factor. Once oversaturated any pool’s ROI will fall significantly. 

When your first delegate to PEPE, it can take up to 20 days to receive your first rewards (minimum of 15 days). This is due to the epoch snapshotting process, whereby the protocol tracks your stake allocation to a pool and processes your rewards. The length of an epoch is 5 days.

Let’s say you delegated to a pool on the 1st of May and the current epoch was ending on the 2nd. Below is what you could expect for your rewards:

1) A snapshot of your stake is taken at epoch change on the 2nd
2) Your stake becomes active at the next epoch change on the 7th
3) Your rewards are processed during the next epoch, starting on the 12th
4) Your first rewards are paid out to your staking address at the next epoch change on the 17th

From here, you will receive rewards every 5 days (each new epoch).

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

In order for a stake pool to be continuously updated, monitored and cared for, you need professional management and a complex setup. It’s not free to run the processing power behind the nodes, nor is it free/easy to provide all of the management and updates needed to keep a stake pool up and running 24/7.

Pools with 0% fees are not incentivized to perform their best. In a 0% pool, the SPO only makes money from the first block each epoch, as determined by the pool’s Fixed Cost (generally 340 ADA). The income from a 0% pool would not be enough to cover the server fees alone on a monthly basis, nor would it be able to pay the operator for her time. 

We recommend choosing a pool with a 2-4% fee to help ensure the pool is at its max performance and has a SPO dedicated to the project.

Once your ADA is delegated to a stake pool, you are still able to transfer ADA into or out of that account at your discretion. The transfer will be immediate and the remaining funds will continue to be delegated to your chosen stake pool earning you rewards.

The minimum requirement for staking is 10 ADA.

Note: When you are delegating for the first time, you will also need to spend a 2 ADA deposit and ~0.17 tx fee.

Yes. Once you have delegated to PEPE, the rewards earned are automatically staked to the pool. If you receive any ADA in the wallet that is staked, those will also be staked to the pool. 

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