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5:00PM EST | November 22, 2021

Rare Pepes
Virtual Reality Auction

CafePepe's ALphaverse
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November 22, 2021


Broadcasting live from the ALPHAVERSE

Auction Lots

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5:00PM EST | November 22, 2021



Registering for the auction will give you the ability to watch the action in real time through our web stream or in VR.


We require verification for all bidders. After registration you will be sent an email link to a form for verification.


You cannot particpate in VR without being an ALPHA tester.  Please contact someone in discord for details.

Auction FAQs

Nope! Registering for an auction gives you access to view the auction. If you wish to bid you need to be verified.

Nope! As a verified bidder you have the option to bid on lots, but you are never required to bid in an auction.

Yes, it is free to register and become a verified bidder. If you place the winning bid on a lot you will be charged 4% of the winning price of the auction.

Unless in contact with a RAREPEPES.COM admin you will need to be verified at least 24 hours before an auction begins to be able to bid.
If you are not verified you can still view the auction.

We accept payments in BTC.

Some lots do not have a Reserve Price, and the starting price for those lots will be determined by the auctioneer at the start of that lot. Lots with a Reserve Price will start with that reserve as the minimum bid.

Minimum bidding increments will be dictated by the auctioneer for each lot in real time.

All bidding is done in USD.

The conversion price from USD to cryptocurrency will be the rate at the start time of the auction.

No, all bids are final and not reversible.

All side conversations should be relegated to the on-site chat.

All registered and verified bidders will have access to the chat.

The auctioneer and auction assistants reserve the right to ban or mute anyone spamming the channel or causing disruption.

Yes – we’ll be adding more information to the website soon on how to have your cards featured in the next auction.

Payment is expected immediately upon auction close. A representative from will be in touch with you following the end of the auction to make payment arrangements. If payment is not received within 24 hours of auction close you will forfeit the lot and the cards will be returned to for a future auction.