The Nakamoto is #RAREPEPE Cryptoart Provenance. a Legendary Artifact. A True Grail NFT. The Alpha Black Lotus.


Sold: January 6, 2022 12:10 am
$264,793.50 | 75 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: December 31, 2021 8:28 am
$231,996 | 62.34 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: December 30, 2021 9:46 pm
$232,377.86 | 62 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: December 20, 2021 3:50 pm
$253,203 | 63.0145 ETH
Series 1 Card 1


This Fractional Art Emblem Vault contract has been  turned into 10,000 erc20 tokens with the RAREPEPE ticker on uniswap dex.


Uniswap is a decentralized token exchange market for Ethereum erc20 tokens. Here you can invest, trade, or provide liquidity to the market for fee revenue or purchasing the asset.


Here you can provide either ETH or RAREPEPE erc20 tokens to the decentralized exchange pool which trades 24/7 and can provide revenue long term by this markets trades.

RAREPEPE Series 1 card 1 (1/300, 2016)
Fractional Art Listing

Use Uniswap to purchase the fractional token for RAREPEPE. The price fluctuates, but this token is currently trading at about 1/10,000th the value of a Series 1 Card 1 Nakamoto card.

500Ξ ($2,366,000 )

Approx Buyout Price

Get Your Verifiable Piece of History

Own RAREPEPE Fractions


On September 13, 2016, OP_RETURN metadata was recorded in a Bitcoin transaction in block 428,919. This is RAREPEPE.

The one and only. Series 1, Card 1 rare Pepe has finally been fractionalized and is tradable on

No discord, slack or other message board without Pepe memes.

RAREPEPE Series 1 card 1 (1/300, 2016)

Fractional Art FAQs

A buyout can happen when there is an external party who deposited ETH that is greater than or equal to the reserve price. This will kick off an auction. At auction completion, the NFT will be withdrawn and fractional owners will be able to trade in their tokens for ETH.

Once completed, fractional owners are able to trade all their ownership tokens in for the ETH that was deposited by the auction winner on a pro rata basis. The ownership tokens that are traded in for the ETH are then burned by governance.