PEPE Community

$PEPE Token (0xbe)

Ticker: $PEPE


Ethereum Launch Date: 8/24/2023

Total Supply: 801,774,345

All-Time High: $0.02967233

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Audited by Certik:

Certik Audited

Circulating Supply: 801,774,345 Pepe (80.1774%)

Burnt Supply: 198,225,654 $PEPE (19.8226%)

Original Supply: 1,000,000,000

Burn Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

About: Pepe, the iconic meme, has not only graced every digital screen worldwide but has also become a beacon of meme magic’s unparalleled power. This is largely attributed to the relentless efforts of anonymous communities and meme enthusiasts. As the meme landscape continues to evolve, a new potent force emerges. A community of metaphysical artists, enriched with the insights of old-school crypto philosophers, is now aligning with the $PEPE Army. This alliance, drawing from past successes, stands as a testament to the power of unity, shared principles of integrity, and a forward-looking vision that echoes the pioneering spirit of Bitcoin’s early days.

Vision: The horizon heralds a new era, where the true essence of meme magic seamlessly intertwines with the principles of decentralized finance, embodied by the real $PEPE. This is a Pepe that pulsates with the community’s collective rhythm, symbolizing shared power and purpose.

Staying true to the foundational tenets of DeFi and memecoins, $PEPE operates in an open market, a domain where equality is paramount. Every participant is empowered with the freedom to trade as they deem fit, devoid of any constraints. $PEPE’s unwavering commitment to transparency and fairness is evident in its guarantees:

  • ZERO Blacklisting: Ensuring every participant’s right to trade.
  • ZERO Taxes: Upholding the principle of financial freedom.
  • ABSOLUTE Decentralization: No single entity holds sway over the $PEPE contract.
  • Liquidity IRREVOCABLY BURNT: Safeguarding the community from potential threats.
Financial Principles:
✅ Zero Taxes: Upholding financial freedom.
✅ Liquidity Burnt: Ensuring community safety.
✅ Auto-burn & Burn Bot: Continuous value growth.
✅ ATH 50mil: Demonstrating potential.

✅ 130mil+ Trading Volume Since Launch: Active and thriving market.

Trust & Transparency:
✅ Contract Renounced: Absolute decentralization.
✅ Team Burnt 5% CEX Tokens: Demonstrating commitment.
✅ Fully Audited by Certek & Itoken: Trust and transparency.

✅ ZERO blacklisting of any buyer.

Community Engagement:
✅ Donations to Matt Furie: Supporting original creators.
✅ Over 5000 Holders: Growing community trust.
✅ 7000+ TG and Twitter Followers: Expanding digital footprint.

✅ 24/7 Twitter Spaces & Active Community: Global engagement and unity.

Market Presence:
✅ Listed on #LBANK, #MEXC, #BITGET, #BITMART: Expanding reach.
✅ #CMC, #CG: Recognized in major crypto platforms.

✅ Featured on Cointelegraph, Binance, Bitcoininsider, Gaining mainstream attention.

$PEPE’s vision: to cultivate a vibrant community, lead the memetic resistance against mainstream norms, and champion financial independence in the true essence of DeFi.


Pepe Community Podcast Project:


The Pepe Community vision was born because DeFi (decentralized finance) is dirty and fraudulent and needs change. The only way you can come back from something that has gotten so off course is through leadership. The #defi space is changing and it has been made possible by the work of The Pepe Community Project.

$PEPE Community (0xbe)
$PEPE Hacked (0x69)

$PEPE Token Crisis and Cultural Significance Summary

Original $PEPE Token Crisis
$PEPE (0x69) Challenges

Faced a Telegram hack by "lordkeklol" who spread misinformation.

"@lordkeklol" makes $FINE token and tells the telegram to purchase $fine as an exit from $PEPE (0x69).

Significant theft of over 16 trillion tokens sent to centralized platforms.

Internal disagreements overshadowed the token's purpose.

Toxic Social Environment
Shift in Focus

The movement became a toxic environment, emphasizing financial gains.

This negativity was not conducive to nurturing and expanding the Pepe network.

PEPE.CO Show & Sacrifice
7/21/2023 Community Show

Recognizing the toxic environment during the long crash during the bear market summer in an effort to create more positive spaces PEPE.CO sacrificed 7 Nakamoto Ordinals to defeat LORDKEK for the benefit of the community.

Community's Response
to the Crisis
$PEPE (0xbe) Manifests

Daily PEPE.CO shows continued for 77 days straight and an upstart community of artists and creators formed around $PEPE (0xbe).

This happened live durning the live recorded performances of the PEPE.CO/SHOW

Aimed to reclaim $PEPE's spirit from the centralized group the groups resolve remained unwaivering.

Leveraged Short Positions
Against Community $PEPE
Financial Challenges

Leveraged short positions taken against $PEPE (0xbe).

Entities bragged about these positions, demoralizing the community.

PondX and Phunk NFTs
Centralized Group's Actions

Launched PondX coin.

Promoted Phunk NFTs to the original $PEPE community.

Remembering the Roots
of $PEPE
Beyond Finances

$PEPE represents artistic creativity and memetics.

Offers a spiritual experience in the world of memetics.

The new initiative emphasizes cultural importance over financial gains.



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