PEPE Token (0xbe)

Ticker: PEPE

Launch Date: 08/24/2023

Total Supply: 928,000,000

All-Time High: $0.02967233


Audited by Certik:

About: Pepe, the iconic meme, has not only graced every digital screen worldwide but has also become a beacon of meme magic’s unparalleled power. This is largely attributed to the relentless efforts of anonymous communities and meme enthusiasts. As the meme landscape continues to evolve, a new potent force emerges. A community of metaphysical artists, enriched with the insights of old-school crypto philosophers, is now aligning with the $PEPE Army. This alliance, drawing from past successes, stands as a testament to the power of unity, shared principles of integrity, and a forward-looking vision that echoes the pioneering spirit of Bitcoin’s early days.

Vision: The horizon heralds a new era, where the true essence of meme magic seamlessly intertwines with the principles of decentralized finance, embodied by the real $PEPE. This is a Pepe that pulsates with the community’s collective rhythm, symbolizing shared power and purpose.

Staying true to the foundational tenets of DeFi and memecoins, $PEPE operates in an open market, a domain where equality is paramount. Every participant is empowered with the freedom to trade as they deem fit, devoid of any constraints. $PEPE’s unwavering commitment to transparency and fairness is evident in its guarantees:


  • ZERO Blacklisting: Ensuring every participant’s right to trade.
  • ZERO Taxes: Upholding the principle of financial freedom.
  • ABSOLUTE Decentralization: No single entity holds sway over the $PEPE contract.
  • Liquidity IRREVOCABLY BURNT: Safeguarding the community from potential threats.
Financial Principles:
✅ Zero Taxes: Upholding financial freedom.
✅ Liquidity Burnt: Ensuring community safety.
✅ Auto-burn & Burn Bot: Continuous value growth.
✅ ATH 50mil: Demonstrating potential.
✅ 130mil+ Trading Volume Since Launch: Active and thriving market.


Trust & Transparency:
✅ Contract Renounced: Absolute decentralization.
✅ Team Burnt 5% CEX Tokens: Demonstrating commitment.
✅ Fully Audited by Certek & Itoken: Trust and transparency.
✅ ZERO blacklisting of any buyer.


Community Engagement:
✅ Donations to Matt Furie: Supporting original creators.
✅ Over 5000 Holders: Growing community trust.
✅ 7000+ TG and Twitter Followers: Expanding digital footprint.
✅ 24/7 Twitter Spaces & Active Community: Global engagement and unity.


Market Presence:
✅ Listed on #LBANK, #MEXC, #BITGET, #BITMART: Expanding reach.
✅ #CMC, #CG: Recognized in major crypto platforms.
✅ Featured on Cointelegraph, Binance, Bitcoininsider, Gaining mainstream attention.


$PEPE’s vision is clear: to cultivate a vibrant community, lead the memetic resistance against mainstream norms, and champion financial independence in the true essence of DeFi.

$PEPE (Community) (0xbe)
$PEPE (Hacked) (0x69)

  1. $PEPE Token Crisis and Cultural Significance Summary

    1. Original $PEPE Token Crisis:

    • $PEPE (0x69825) Challenges:
      • Faced a Telegram hack by “lordkeklol” who spread misinformation.
      • “@lordkeklol” makes $FINE token and tells the telegram to purchase $fine as an exit from $PEPE (0x69825).
      • Significant theft of over 16 trillion tokens sent to centralized platforms.
      • Internal disagreements overshadowed the token’s purpose.

    2. Toxic Social Environment:

    • Shift in Focus:
      • The movement became a toxic environment, emphasizing financial gains.
      • This negativity was not conducive to nurturing and expanding the Pepe network.

    3. Community’s Response to the Crisis:

    • New Initiative:
      • An upstart community formed around $PEPE (0xbe042).
      • Aimed to reclaim $PEPE’s spirit from the centralized group.

    4. Leveraged Short Positions Against Community $PEPE:

    • Financial Challenges:
      • Leveraged short positions taken against $PEPE (0xbe042).
      • Entities bragged about these positions, demoralizing the community.

    5. PondX and Phunk NFTs:

    • Centralized Group’s Actions:
      • Launched PondX coin.
      • Promoted Phunk NFTs to the original $PEPE community.

    6. Remembering the Roots of $PEPE:

    • Beyond Finances:
      • $PEPE represents artistic creativity and memetics.
      • Offers a spiritual experience in the world of memetics.
      • The new initiative emphasizes cultural importance over financial gains.



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