Powering the Future with Vintage NFTs

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Utility tokens. Metaverse passes. Tickets to the cool guy’s club.

There seems to be an NFT solution to every problem, especially those that don’t yet exist. Amidst all the constant innovation and development, it’s easy for a project to fly off the rails and get lost in a cycle of burning old tokens and birthing new ones.

Projects that are looking to push the boundaries of NFT applications need an anchor; they need a way to stay true to their core values while keeping development flowing. By using vintage NFTs like Rare Pepes as Guiding Tokens to build upon, projects can grow freely without losing their roots. This gives older NFTs newfound technological value and can give new projects some certified OG clout.

Wrap It Up and Build It High

I can hear your protests: “How can I build upon Rare Pepes when they’re not on my fancy new chain?” That’s easy, just wrap it, wojack! Pepes are already wrapped and slapped on Ethereum, so your team can give Pepe a passport to your private island with just the blow of a conch shell. Not only will your project pique the interest of legions of Pepe fans, but you’ll also breathe shiny new life into your vintage Rare Pepe bags.

Keeping the Meme Alive

Humanity has loved personified green frogs since time immemorial. Whether you call them Kambo, Kermit, El Sapo Pepe, or Pepe the Frog, there is something about a smiling amphibian that uplifts the masses. When your project pays homage to your favorite vintage memes, you’re benefiting from and contributing to a memetic current that crosses linguistic, cultural, and technological divides.

We’re all inspired by great memes, but we can utilize that inspiration in different ways. Some are inspired to make low-effort rip-offs, while others are inspired to make genuine original masterpieces. No matter where your meme inspiration takes you, consider taking practical steps to build upon the brilliance of your predecessors. Treat vintage NFTs as access tokens to the projects of the future.