Praise be to Pepe

In the not-so-distant future, the world has undergone a seismic shift in religious beliefs The old gods and faiths have been replaced with something entirely new – Rare Pepes. The once-humble meme has become the primary religious icon for billions of people around the world. It all started with a group of technologists who believed […]

What is the Rarest Pepe of Them All?

Determining Rarity is a sacred art usually reserved for the most prescient of sages. While some Rare Pepes are rarer than others, every Pepe is precious in its own particular way, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind or a one-of-a-billion. Often the first question asked by Rare Pepe newbies is “What is the Rarest Pepe?” This question […]

Powering the Future with Vintage NFTs

Utility tokens. Metaverse passes. Tickets to the cool guy’s club. There seems to be an NFT solution to every problem, especially those that don’t yet exist. Amidst all the constant innovation and development, it’s easy for a project to fly off the rails and get lost in a cycle of burning old tokens and birthing […]

No Meme is an Island

The Meme Theory of Interdependence “Good memes borrow, great memes steal.” – Thomas Jefferson The moment a brilliant idea is expressed, it belongs to the universe. These ideas are so infectious that they can spill over the boundaries of intellectual property and evolve human thinking overnight. The concept of blockchain is one such idea – once […]