What is the Rarest Pepe of Them All?

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Determining Rarity is a sacred art usually reserved for the most prescient of sages.

While some Rare Pepes are rarer than others, every Pepe is precious in its own particular way, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind or a one-of-a-billion.

Often the first question asked by Rare Pepe newbies is “What is the Rarest Pepe?”

This question leads them on a lifelong journey of self-discovery until they discover the true Source of Rarity. 

On the surface, a Pepe’s Rarity is a calculated result of card issuance, series number, and desirability. Lower issuances and earlier series typically result in higher valuations. It’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to sell your house for a single Rare Pepe when there are a billion others just like it. But if there are only 300 of those Pepes (or even less), you may be looking at a pretty good investment. 

Who determines Rarity? 

The normal answer to this would be “the market.” There is another aspect of Rarity which is more empowering that the market theory. It is the understanding that YOU determine Rarity. After all, the market is made up of nothing but meme lovers like you and me, plus maybe a few robots. That means that if you buy up issuances of your favorite Rare Pepe and hype it to your friends, you’re making it more Rare. The power you have as a Rare Pepe fan is unlike any other NFT series because you can be your own market maker, right from the start. 

Did you find a gem of a Pepe deep within series 35, or a high issuance card which speaks to your heart? Don’t think twice about making it your own and showing the world just how rare it can be. The Rarest Pepe of Them All is the one that sets you free.