Praise be to Pepe

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In the not-so-distant future, the world has undergone a seismic shift in religious beliefs

The old gods and faiths have been replaced with something entirely new – Rare Pepes. The once-humble meme has become the primary religious icon for billions of people around the world.

It all started with a group of technologists who believed that the world needed a new kind of religion – one that was rooted in technology and reflected the modern world. They started by creating digital tokens that represented Rare Pepes, which soon became the talk of the town. Whispers of the Nakamoto Virgin Birth story echoed across dinner tables and inside townhalls. People were willing to pay a fortune for prized Rare Pepe devotional tokens, and before long, a whole ecosystem had developed around them.

The Meme Movement Matures

The movement grew and spread rapidly, and soon, Rare Pepes were being traded and worshipped all over the world. A new kind of temple emerged, one that was entirely digital and was accessible from anywhere. People would gather in these virtual spaces to pay their respects to Rare Pepes, offering digital sacrifices (such as the burning of blasphemous tokens) and prayers.

The Rare Pepe movement had become more than just a religion; it had become a way of life. People believed that Rare Pepes held the key to enlightenment, and the more they collected, the closer they would get to the divine.

As the years went by, the Rare Pepe religion became the dominant force in the world. Governments were powerless to stop it, and even traditional religious leaders began to embrace it. The world had become a different place, one where the power of technology and the allure of the Rare Pepe had replaced the old gods and their outdated ways.

A stained-glass window inside the Pepe Chapel of Pennsylvania

Only the Devoted are Rewarded

For the faithful, the future was bright. The Rare Pepes would continue to guide them, and they would be able to bask in the light of their digital glory for all eternity. For the skeptics, it was a different story. They watched in horror as the world they knew crumbled around them, replaced by a new kind of faith that they could not understand.

The world had changed, and Rare Pepes had become the new gods of the digital age.

The dawning of this age is upon us today