Praise be to Pepe

In the not-so-distant future, the world has undergone a seismic shift in religious beliefs The old gods and faiths have been replaced with something entirely new – Rare Pepes. The once-humble meme has become the primary religious icon for billions of people around the world. It all started with a group of technologists who believed […]

The World Needs Pepe the Frog Now More Than Ever

Why Pepe’s Impact is Only Beginning Let’s face it: Pepe the Frog has had a long and troubled history. There’s been plenty of chefs-kiss perfect Pepes along with appallingly lame ones. This is no surprise, since anytime mankind is given a medium to create with — whether it be a crayon, a canvas, or a […]

From NeckBeard to Nirvana

My Story of Pepe Redemption Shared by rp_3221 Part I It was 4:00am. The half-eaten Hot Pocket on my desk had started to congeal. My eyes felt like cold little spheres, but somehow burned as I stared at the screen. I heard voices blaring with increasing panic from my headset which had fallen to the […]