Powering the Future with Vintage NFTs

Utility tokens. Metaverse passes. Tickets to the cool guy’s club. There seems to be an NFT solution to every problem, especially those that don’t yet exist. Amidst all the constant innovation and development, it’s easy for a project to fly off the rails and get lost in a cycle of burning old tokens and birthing […]

Meme Art: Changing Lives Around the World

St. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – Vibrant paints, a wall of canvases and a loud chorus of laughter mark the collaboration of Best Buddies in Russia and Pepelangelo, the renowned meme artist. Best known for her classical depictions of Pepe the Frog, Olga Vishnevsky’s work has brought her legions of fans from around the globe, who prize […]

The World Needs Pepe the Frog Now More Than Ever

Why Pepe’s Impact is Only Beginning Let’s face it: Pepe the Frog has had a long and troubled history. There’s been plenty of chefs-kiss perfect Pepes along with appallingly lame ones. This is no surprise, since anytime mankind is given a medium to create with — whether it be a crayon, a canvas, or a […]

The Overcrowded Mansion

crowded buildingAn innocent foray into #CryptoTwitter Imagine you’re looking for a room to rent. The first listing you visit is pristinely clean, as if brand new, and has no traces of previous occupants. It feels spacious as you enter the room, and it’s easy to picture yourself living here comfortably. It smells clean. The second room […]

From NeckBeard to Nirvana

My Story of Pepe Redemption Shared by rp_3221 Part I It was 4:00am. The half-eaten Hot Pocket on my desk had started to congeal. My eyes felt like cold little spheres, but somehow burned as I stared at the screen. I heard voices blaring with increasing panic from my headset which had fallen to the […]

No Meme is an Island

The Meme Theory of Interdependence “Good memes borrow, great memes steal.” – Thomas Jefferson The moment a brilliant idea is expressed, it belongs to the universe. These ideas are so infectious that they can spill over the boundaries of intellectual property and evolve human thinking overnight. The concept of blockchain is one such idea – once […]


In the beginning, there was Pepe. And he felt good. Pepe’s easy-going nature was an invitation to the masses: Express yourself without fear, celebrate your oddities, and value your rares, his green face said. What followed was a torrent of creativity, flooding forth from every corner of the webs. There were pictures, animations, music, writings, […]