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In the beginning, there was Pepe. And he felt good.

Pepe’s easy-going nature was an invitation to the masses:

Express yourself without fear, celebrate your oddities, and value your rares, his green face said.

What followed was a torrent of creativity, flooding forth from every corner of the webs.

There were pictures, animations, music, writings, and even a few trade show displays.

No one could say exactly what Pepe was, but everyone knew they had a little Pepe in them. Pepe was a connective force for countless new friends around the world.

For the first time since BP-10 (ten years before Pepe), the people had the power to set the value of reality’s creations. Some Pepes are worth selling our homes for, while other Pepes are burned like they’re nothing.

Who determines a Pepe’s value?

It may be a million pepeople, or it may just be you and a friend.

What will Pepe be tomorrow?

That’s up for you to decide.

Life has handed us an immutable canvas, and with it comes a dank destiny.