ZeroG Interviews Robek

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Interview with innovative early NFT Artist and Collector – Robek – creator of Curio Cards 21,22,23

Passion Over Profits

This conversation delves into the personal journey of Robek, who has been deeply involved in the digital art and blockchain space for many years. He emphasizes a passion-driven approach rather than a profit-driven one. Both ZeroG and Robek articulate their entry into this space not with the aim of wealth, but because of the potential and intrinsic value they saw in the technology and its application to digital collectibles.

Their discussion further explores the concept of collecting art and digital assets based on personal interest and value, rather than speculative investment. Robek shares a number of personal anecdotes of early acquisitions in the digital art space, demonstrating a keen eye for art that resonates on a personal level. This approach is exemplified by their experience of buying art not as an investment, but because they genuinely liked it, underscoring the importance of personal connection to the art over its potential financial return.

Don’t Give in to FOMO

Robek shares about his professional involvement in the blockchain industry, aiming to contribute positively to the space beyond mere financial speculation. Working for a blockchain organization, the focus is on utilizing the technology for good, further distancing from the often speculative nature of the crypto market. This ethos extends to the approach to buying art – both ZeroG and Robek advocate for purchasing what one likes without overextending financially, guided by personal interest rather than FOMO.

Finally, the interview touches on the transformative experiences and projects Robek has been part of within the blockchain and digital collectibles space. From early engagement with digital collectibles to professional work in blockchain, the narrative is one of exploration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to the underlying values of the technology. The dialogue encapsulates a journey marked by a pursuit of interest and potential in digital art, offering a nuanced perspective on the evolving landscape of digital collectibles.

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