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Interview with Ken, early Ethereum dev and creator of 2016 NFT project

The Early Days of Bitcoin

In this episode with Zero G from the “Exploring the Vintage NFT Space” series, Ken from PixelMap shares his journey into the crypto and NFT space, revealing how early interests and serendipitous actions led to significant contributions. Ken reminisces about his introduction to cryptocurrency before 2012, detailing his initial intrigue by Bitcoin and its decentralized nature. His involvement grew from participating in Bitcoin forums to pioneering the acceptance of Bitcoin for an insurance policy at his workplace, showcasing his early belief in cryptocurrency’s potential for everyday transactions.

Ken’s transition to the Ethereum blockchain marked a pivotal moment in his career, leading to the creation of PixelMap, one of the earliest NFT projects on Ethereum. He discusses the inspiration behind PixelMap, citing influences such as Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage and his fascination with programming and the decentralized aspect of cryptocurrencies. Ken’s intent was to explore the capabilities of Ethereum through a simple yet impactful project, which ultimately became a foundational piece of the NFT ecosystem.

The discussion also touches upon Ken’s perspective on the evolution of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, reflecting on his initial expectations versus the reality of their adoption and technological advancements. His early engagement with mining and the development of PixelMap underscores the exploratory and innovative spirit that has driven the growth of the NFT space.

PixelMap’s Rediscovery

Ken’s recount of the “rediscovery” of PixelMap highlights the changing perceptions and value of NFTs over time. This period of rediscovery not only rekindled interest in PixelMap but also introduced Ken to the broader implications and community dynamics of the NFT market. His experiences during this phase, from adjusting the pricing of PixelMap tiles to interacting with the community and dealing with bots, underline the complexities and challenges that come with the burgeoning NFT landscape.

Throughout the podcast, Ken’s narrative offers valuable insights into the early days of cryptocurrency and NFTs, illustrating the blend of curiosity, innovation, and community that has shaped the space. His journey from a cryptocurrency enthusiast to a pioneering NFT creator encapsulates the transformative potential of blockchain technology and the enduring appeal of digital collectibles.

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