ZeroG Interviews Christian Moss

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Discussing Early BTC gaming, NFTs and more with Christian Moss, creator of Sarutobi and more.

The Birth of Sarutobi

In this episode of “Exploring the Vintage NFT Space” podcast, host Zero G welcomes Chris, the creator of the legendary NFT Ninja Suit and Sarutobi Island. Chris shares his journey into the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which began with his exposure to Bitcoin while working as an app developer in Australia. Inspired by a boom in mobile app development, Chris leveraged his newfound skills to create innovative games that incorporated Bitcoin, leading to the birth of Sarutobi, a game that rewarded players with Bitcoin and introduced early concepts of play-to-earn mechanics.

The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by integrating blockchain technology into gaming. Chris discusses the inception of Sarutobi Island and the creation of the NFT Ninja Suit, highlighting the early efforts in game development that utilized NFTs for in-game items and interoperability between games. These pioneering endeavors not only showcased the potential of blockchain in gaming but also set the stage for the broader adoption of NFTs in the industry.

Bitcoin Scaling Challenges and Impacts on Gaming

Chris reflects on the scaling challenges faced by Bitcoin and how they impacted the development and operation of blockchain-based games. The Bitcoin scaling debate, which centered around block size and its implications for transaction fees and network congestion, posed significant hurdles for developers like Chris, who initially supported larger blocks to accommodate gaming transactions. However, the eventual emergence of the Lightning Network as a scalable solution reaffirmed the conservative approach to Bitcoin’s development, emphasizing the importance of decentralization and the careful implementation of technological advancements.

Throughout the interview, Chris underscores the evolutionary nature of blockchain technology and its application in gaming. While the early experiments with Bitcoin and NFTs in games like Sarutobi faced technical and conceptual challenges, they laid the groundwork for the current and future innovations in the space. The professional insight into these pioneering projects provides a valuable perspective on the intersection of blockchain, NFTs, and gaming, highlighting the ongoing exploration and experimentation that continues to drive the industry forward.

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