“Ultra Rare” Pepe Wagner Baseball Card Sells for $6.6 Million

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One of the rarest trading cards in existence has just made a record-shattering sale.

Pepe Wagner, star slugger of the Pittsburg Pepinos during the turn of the 20th century, has long been hailed as one of baseball’s most iconic players. His legendary status will now be known to new legions of fans as word of this historic trading card sale sweeps through the press and social media.

Nicknamed “The Flying Frogman”

Pepe Wagner was known to round the bases at an alarming speed while maintaining his signature sad face. Many of his batting records remain unbroken to this day, fueled in part by his obsession with fly balls. The auctioned card depicts a hard-staring Wagner on his way to lead the Pepinos to their first world series victory. 

An anonymous trading card collector recognized the extreme rarity of the card and placed the winning $6.606 million bid early on Monday morning. There are only about 50 issues of this card thought to still be in existence and this particular copy is of exceptional quality. The trading card movement has been booming in the last year, with other “Rare Pepes” selling for well into seven figures.