Single Issuance Rare Pepes: The Rarest of the Rare

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In the busy world of digital collectibles, single issuance Rare Pepes stand as a pinnacle of exclusivity and desirability. These NFTs are the digital equivalent of masterpieces locked away in a high-security vault, with each card representing a unique cultural statement that’s been immortalized on the blockchain. From the whimsical to the profound, these cards transcend traditional collectibility, each one a solitary treasure with its own story and mystique.

There are only 7 Rare Pepes that get the coveted 1/1 stamp:


PEPENOPOULOS from the Rare Pepes collection

The PEPENOPOULOS card is a rare gem in the world of NFTs, celebrating the well-known blockchain advocate, Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Illustrated as a distinguished Pepe in business attire against a backdrop adorned with Bitcoin logos, this single-issued card is a tribute to a leading voice in the crypto space. As a sought-after collector’s item, it has a storied history in sales, with its value reflecting the community’s respect for Antonopoulos’s educational contributions. The card’s rarity is highlighted by its exclusivity and the significant figures it has commanded in the NFT market, solidifying its status as a collector’s prize and a notable piece in the evolution of blockchain-centric art. PEPENOPOULOS last sold for an astounding $3.6m at auction.


PEPEBUGGED from the Rare Pepes collection

The PEPEBUGGED card is a unique piece within the Rare Pepes collection, playfully addressing the theme of software bugs and glitches. It features Pepe the Frog in a pixelated style, reminiscent of a visual glitch or digital artifact, against a classic computer screen backdrop. This single issuance card is humorously labeled as an “extremely rare limited edition misprint,” and its warning satirizes the seriousness of exclusive art ownership. PEPEBUGGED is a collector’s delight, encapsulating the quirky intersection of meme culture and digital collectibility, all while poking fun at the idea of rarity and exclusivity in the digital age.


MYLITTLEPEPE from the Rare Pepes collection

The MYLITTLEPEPE card is a playful and imaginative take on the Rare Pepes collection, blending fantasy with the digital world. It depicts Pepe the Frog as a whimsical creature reminiscent of a childhood toy, set against a serene pastoral backdrop. This card, with its “Well tamed” description and attributes emphasizing speed and endurance, playfully refers to Pepe as a trusty mount in an adventurous setting. The rarity of this single issuance card, underscored by its “1/1 Rare Score,” highlights its unique place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts, evoking nostalgia and a sense of endearing companionship in the PEPEVERSE.


REDPUTINPEPE from the Rare Pepes collection

The REDPUTINPEPE card is a provocative and politically charged entry in the Rare Pepes NFT series. This card boldly features an upside-down caricature of a figure resembling Vladimir Putin, rendered in a striking red against a backdrop of contrasting colors. Its place in the collection as “1 in series of 5 putins RARE” indicates its part of a limited set, enhancing its collectibility and significance. As a single issuance card, REDPUTINPEPE is not just a rare digital collectible but also a piece of political commentary, reflecting the intersect of global politics with meme culture and digital art.


PEPEPIZZA from the Rare Pepes collection

The PEPEPIZZA card is a delightful tribute to one of the most iconic moments in cryptocurrency history: when Laszlo Hanyecz exchanged 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas on May 22, 2010. This single issuance card humorously celebrates this transaction, which has since become known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day” among crypto enthusiasts. Dubbed “THE 10,000,000 PEPECASH PIZZA” and labeled “RAREST OF RARE,” the card features a gleeful Pepe merged with a pizza, symbolizing the quirky and often whimsical nature of internet culture’s milestones. The PEPEPIZZA card not only represents the playful spirit of the Rare Pepes community but also serves as a nod to the early days of Bitcoin’s use in the real world.


HOMERPEPE from the Rare Pepes collection

The HOMERPEPE card is an iconic example of how Rare Pepes NFTs intersect with popular culture, merging the familiar image of Homer Simpson with the Pepe the Frog meme. The card humorously captures Homer’s realization of his transformation with the phrase “Wait a minute, I’m a Pepe!” It’s this clever melding of two beloved characters that makes HOMERPEPE so memorable. As a single issuance NFT with a rarity score of 1/1, HOMERPEPE is not just rare; it’s a unique piece of digital art that made waves in the NFT market. The card gained notoriety for its significant sale price, becoming one of the most talked-about pieces in the Rare Pepe collection and a shining example of the playful creativity that NFTs can embody.


ONLYONEPEPE from the Rare Pepes collection

The ONLYONEPEPE card is a profound representation within the Rare Pepes NFT collection, portraying a dystopian vision with Pepe the Frog standing out amidst a crowd of identical, expressionless faces. This single issuance card, set against the backdrop of “Feels Dystopia, 2045,” serves as a commentary on individuality and conformity. The stark black-and-white imagery punctuated by Pepe’s vivid green creates a striking contrast, emphasizing the card’s theme and the character’s unique position as “ORIGINAL RAREST PEPE.” This card, with its ‘only 1’ label, is a collector’s gem, not just for its rarity but for its thought-provoking artistry and the conversation it inspires about identity in a homogenized future.