More than Just a Famous Frog

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Have you ever asked yourself, what the hell is a Rare Pepe?

This question can lead you on a path of inquiry that is so deep, you’ll be nothing short of a sage if you can manage to answer it truthfully.

To think that Rare Pepes are simply derivative spin-offs of a popular comic book character is to miss the entire point of them. Rare Pepes are so much more — they are a snapshot of limitless self-expression, crystallized forever in blockchain form.

Imagine an outbreak of laughter

that occurred a thousand years ago and was somehow captured in a bottle. If you opened that magic bottle today, you’d be transported back in time to the full experience of that moment, with all the lightness and splendor that a laugh conveys. For future generations, this will be what it’s like to enjoy a Rare Pepe.

It’s easy to see that Rare Pepes never take themselves too seriously.

These pictures and tokens will serve as a consistent source for lightheartedness in an increasingly serious and worried world. From 2016 and well into forever, enjoyment of a Rare Pepe will serve as one of the timeless, universal experiences that makes life worth living.