Iconic “RICFLAIRPEPE” Sells for 65 ETH, Marking another Milestone in Rare Pepe History


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In a landmark event that’s set the Rare Pepe community abuzz, the iconic “RICFLAIRPEPE” NFT has been sold for an impressive 65 ETH, equivalent to $153,416.02. This sale, which occurred on December 10th via Emblem Vault, represents not only a significant financial transaction but also a momentous occasion in the history of Rare Pepes and the broader NFT space.


Card 28 of the 3rd series, RICFLAIRPEPE, designed by well-known NFT artist and Rare Pepe OG, Rare Scrilla, is considered to be one of the rarest Rare Pepes in existence by collectors. Its sale on the NFT marketplace has been verified and can be viewed here on nftgo.io, marking a noteworthy point in the valuation of Rare Pepe NFTs. The transaction not only highlights the monetary value of these digital assets but also underscores their cultural and artistic significance within the NFT community.

The Rarity and Popularity of “RICFLAIRPEPE”

As one of only three in existence, RICFLAIRPEPE’s rarity is undisputed. The card is a testament to the creative ingenuity of Rare Scrilla and epitomizes the flashy and electric personality of the Legendary “Nature Boy” Rick Flair. Its popularity and fabled status in the Pepe Community are a reflection of the deep engagement and enthusiasm that collectors and enthusiasts have for these digital art pieces.

Implications for Rare Pepes and the NFT Space

This high-profile sale signifies a growing recognition of the value of Rare Pepes, not just as collectibles but as significant pieces of digital art. It suggests a maturing market where rare digital assets, particularly those with cultural and artistic merit, are increasingly sought after by collectors and investors.

Furthermore, the sale of RICFLAIRPEPE at such a significant price point is indicative of the potential for growth and expansion in the NFT space. It reinforces the notion that NFTs are more than just a passing trend; they are a burgeoning asset class that continues to attract serious investment and interest. Between recent notable NFT sales and the recent green streak in the price of BTC, things could get interesting very soon.

The Future of Digital Art Collecting

The success of RICFLAIRPEPE’s sale may encourage further investments in Rare Pepes and similar NFTs, highlighting the potential for these digital assets to appreciate over time. It also paves the way for artists and creators within the NFT space to gain recognition and financial success, further legitimizing digital art as a viable and valuable form of artistic expression.