The WOJAK Way is Rare

Below is the original about page and the intention behind the project.

Years have passed since creating this manifesto. 

Many things we learned over the years.  Firm in our resolve we remained.  Patience we practice.

Simple principles of Alpha, Integriy, and Intelligence always we remember.

Intelligence has emerged.

A rare symbiotic evolutionary system.


How it started:

We are a Ⓓ∆ɸ that intelligently leverages Ⓡare Ⓟepe as an ∑volutionary ©atalyst of ∆ and πechnology for advancement in the §ilicon Ⓜatrix ©Ⓡ¥$†∆£ based computing space. serves as a multidimensional portal and protocol to ße & Ⓜaniƒest a like minded, positive, and fearlessly creative community who is focused on (not limited to):

𝚨dvanced ℝeality πechnologies
ℙhilosophical ∑xploration
Ⓜental • §piritual • ∑motional • Ⓓiscipline

Imbuing our members with gifts that will improve global planetary human consciousness free from dogmas while ∑arning and ßeing 𝚨 in a cryptocurrency relevant world.

𝚨 ∆ community of cosmic beings to £o£, KeK, and create positive future experiences with.


How its Going:

Just before the new year evening celebrations we discovered these tweets from TheWojackWay.

We are open to new things in the new year.  

Many things are have been unfolding.  We will relay updates as we have them.

The first will be to collect some thoughts here on this page.

A step towards unity seems in order.

We will continue to contemplate remain vigilant and consider all the signs revealing the way.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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