In 2016, 300 Rare Pepe Series 1, Card 1 Nakamotos were created and given out on the Counterparty XCP Bitcoin asset protocol.  The giveaway was an open and fair distribution for this first piece of historic crypto art, and this model played an integral part in the rise of the asset.

From 2016-2023, these iconic XCP tokens have come to be recognized as some of the most coveted digital assets on earth. They are well-known as one of the rarest crypto art “NFT Grails” possible to hold. Nakamotos have fetched as much as $500,000 at auctions, and regularly sell for $100,000 – $200,000 USD.

Out of the 300 original XCP tokens at most 298 are still in circulation with many of them not being moved in years unknown to the public as to whether they are lost.

How rare can it be?

There are few known to hold RAREPEPE and sales often happen weeks or months apart.  The total number of RAREPEPE holders is unknown but might be conservatively estimated in the high double digits.

Tools for the MArket



Inscriptions are on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the digital currency with the highest status and greatest chance of long-term survival. If you want to guarantee that your art survives into the future, there is no better way to publish it than as inscriptions.

For a digital “thing” to be a digital artifact, it must share similar properties to a physically rare “thing”:

  • Digital artifacts can have owners. A number is not a digital artifact, because nobody can own it.
  • Digital artifacts are complete. An NFT that points to off-chain content on IPFS or Arweave is incomplete, and thus, is not a digital artifact.
  • Digital artifacts are permissionless. An NFT that cannot be sold without paying a royalty is not permissionless and is not a true digital artifact.
  • Digital artifacts are uncensorable. The ability to modify a database entry on a centralized ledger precludes a digital artifact from being considered a NFT.
  • Digital artifacts are immutable. An NFT with an upgrade key is not a digital artifact.

The definition of a digital artifact is intended to reflect what NFTs should be, sometimes are, and what inscriptions always are, by their very nature.

The First Inscribed NAKAMOTO Ordinal

The first RAREPEPE ordinal inscription that shows up is inscription #39. This digital artifact that was created on 01/22/2023 and has a file size of 200742 bytes. The files size shows up as 202157 in the bitcoin blockchain and is displayed as such in the query results table.

The original image sources:

  • http://rarepepedirectory.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CreatorFinal.jpg
  • https://xchain.io/img/cards/RAREPEPE.jpg
  • https://pepewtf.s3.amazonaws.com/collections/rarepepes/full/1/RAREPEPE.jpg
  • Looney Nakamoto USB Sneakernet Included with case


The legend is it that someone once destroyed their RAREPEPE XCP asset and in the destroy transaction memo metadata they linked to ordinal inscription #5548 with as much of the inscription id as the counterparty asset protocol memo field will allow for.  This also happens to be the second RAREPEPE that was ever inscribed as a digital artifact.

The day after this legendary transaction which imbued the first RAREPEPE ordinal a bored ape was also burned using the new teleburn system released by the ordinals devs which automated the process of burning of assets to move them from one protocol to another protocol.

This linking of the RAREPEPE systems is logical and symbolic in many ways while standing as a proof of concept linking assets between chains and transferring value to the new asset which is actually an upgraded and technically superior version of the old XCP digital asset.  

The new asset is linked in a 1 to 1 relationship maintaining its quantity integrity and provenance which is provable at any time anywhere on the planet that has Bitcoin blockchain access.

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Sold: January 20, 2024 3:25 pm
$166,660 | 67 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: December 9, 2023 3:25 pm
$160,000 | 69.420 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: November 27, 2023 6:26 pm
$117,494 | 58 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: November 22, 2023 11:38 pm
$109,293 | 53 ETH
Series 1 Card 1