Series 0 Card 3



PEPE stake pool also known as “Cafe Pepe” aka “CAFEPEPE” was there and so was the RAREPEPES.COM team.

The ALPHAVERSE auction and bidding system was completed and awaiting its first usage while the mobile app development groundwork was being laid out.  This screen capture shows the exact moment that EPOCH 290 block rolled over.


Minted to commemorate the day that Cardano implemented smart contracts on a proof of stake blockchain.

Provenance Notes from Artist:
“you need to buy 5 years in advance for a large sum of money while most people think you are insane and want nothing to do with pepe yet know that it will be one of the most powerful art systems on earth.

you must hire the best pepe artist pepelangelo (who happens to be in russia) to make you the 22 major arcana tarot paintings just so you can see the future of pepe properly when drinking ayahuasca ceremonies enabling you to download the akashic blueprint for the alphaverse before knowing the patterns for the system architecture.

you also need to buy cardano while everyone makes fun of you and berates you so you can make a stakepool named pepe before anyone else.

you also need to do all the graphic design for the website and logo which facebook will later assimilate. don’t forget to develop and build a huge website with a membership system and tools for a community resource.

you also need to build a metaverse vr auction system so that the webpage means something.

you also need to be from philly to really resonate with charlie and be able to express him properly in this piece.

you also need to hold PEPEROSS asset ownership so that you can actually make a legit dank meme with a happy little pepe.

last of all you need to be there for the once in an earth event when it happens have it recording when smart contracts activate on the best proof of stake turing complete system on earth.

nobody is faking this.”