Updated 10/14/2021

Terms of Use for rarepepes.com Auctions

By viewing, using or participating in auctions held by rarepepes.com you accept and agree to these Terms of Use. You understand and acknowledge that all bids are final, and you are responsible for paying your winning bid, plus fees outlined below, within 24 hours of the auction close. A bid represents a binding contract. Failure to settle your auctions with rarepepes.com within 24 hours of auction close will result in termination from our platform.

Verification, Auction Flow, Payment/Fees and Disputes


If you wish to bid in an auction, you must complete both the registration and verification forms on rarepepes.com and agree to the terms contained herein. All bidders must be verified at least 24 hours prior to the start of the auction to be able to place bids.

We do not require proof of funds at this time, but please ensure you have your funds ready and available for transfer to ensure a timely payment.

Verified bidders are required to have a 6 digit pin on file with us so we can help to prevent fraudulent bidding activity.

Auction Flow


Auctions are held in VR and bids are accepted from verified bidders via our website at rarepepes.com. The bidding page on rarepepes.com will show you a live steam of the VR events, and the high bids will also be reflected on the website. Auction follows standard protocol for closing with ‘Going Once…Going Twice…Going Three Times… Sold’. Bidding will continue if a new high bid is received before ‘Sold’ is stated by the auctioneer.

All bidding is done in USD. The conversion to BTC, LTC, ETH and ADA amounts is done at the auction start time.

Some lots do not have a Reserve Price, and the starting price for those lots will be determined by the auctioneer at the start of that lot. Lots with a Reserve Price will start with that reserve as the minimum bid. Minimum bidding increments will be dictated by the auctioneer for each lot in real time.

A chat box is available to anyone registered to use rarepepes.com. The auctioneer and auction assistants reserve the right to ban or mute anyone spamming the channel or causing disruption.


We will contact you via Telegram, Signal or Email (whichever you have selected as your preferred method) following the auction to let you know the payment address and your total payment amount. You must pay within 24 hours of the auction end.

When payment is received, we will confirm your recipient address with you and send your NFT.

Payment is accepted in BTC, LTC, ETH, and ADA only.

Auction winners will pay a 4% fee of their auction winning price.


By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to resolve any and all disputes with rarepepes.com as follows:

Most disputes can be resolved between the buyer and rarepepes.com directly. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to use your best effort to settle any dispute, claim, question or disagreement directly through consultation with rarepepes.com, and good faith negotiations shall be a condition to either party initiating binding arbitration.

Binding Arbitration: If the parties do not reach an agreed-upon solution within a period of thirty (30) days from the time informal dispute resolution is initiated, then either party may initiate binding arbitration as the sole means to resolve claims. If you are a resident of the United States, arbitration may take place in the county where you reside at the time of filing. For individuals residing outside the United States, arbitration shall be initiated in the State of Wyoming, United States of America. The parties understand that, absent this mandatory arbitration provision, they would have the right to sue in court and have a jury trial. They further understand that, in some instances, the costs of arbitration could exceed the costs of litigation and the right to discovery may be more limited in arbitration than in court.

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Sold: January 20, 2024 3:25 pm
$166,660 | 67 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: December 9, 2023 3:25 pm
$160,000 | 69.420 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: November 27, 2023 6:26 pm
$117,494 | 58 ETH
Series 1 Card 1
Sold: November 22, 2023 11:38 pm
$109,293 | 53 ETH
Series 1 Card 1