This early series card from the Rare Pepe Directory is not only historic because of TUXPEPE’s low issuance, but also because of its origin. s1ph3r, the artist of this card, is a coder and programmer who created the legendary Tux Exchange. This Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, even though only run by a small team, experienced times of higher trading volumes for XCP, PEPECASH, BTC and ETH than rivaling exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex.

The sheer amount of early Counterparty traders that used this platform and highly regard Tux Exchange’s existence and support of the Rare Pepe community is immeasurable. Because the opening date for the Tux Exchange (Aug 14, 2016) synched up so closely with the creation of the Rare Pepe Collection (Sept 9, 2016), the creation of this card by s1ph3r was a philosophical and immutable linking between the two projects in which both community’s prospered because of it.

The Code that created the Tux Exchange, the Logo it used, the Memes that came along and the Pepe pointing straight at you all just might cause you to hit the Jackpot and “Give every player around DOGE”.

s1ph3r is also referenced in this historic Vice Article: https://www.vice.com/en/article/aejvdb/collectors-are-using-the-blockchain-to-keep-rare-pepes-rare The highest sale of TUXPEPE was for 8 ETH, which at the time was $33,842. The floor of this asset at the moment is 8.88 ETH. The seller has indicated they are open to all serious offers.

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s1ph3r is a coder and programmer who created the legendary Tux Exchange, which traded Counterparty and other Cryptocurrency assets from 2016-2018.
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