The World Needs Pepe the Frog Now More Than Ever

Why Pepe’s Impact is Only Beginning Let’s face it: Pepe the Frog has had a long and troubled history. There’s been plenty of chefs-kiss perfect Pepes along with appallingly lame ones. This is no surprise, since anytime mankind is given a medium to create with — whether it be a crayon, a canvas, or a […]

The Decentralized Mind

Blockchain and the Realm of Ideas Decentralization is shaking up the way we exchange currencies, form organizations, and even create art. But let’s face it: in our own lives, most of us feel pretty damn centralized. We typically experience the world via a single vantage point, and we are biologically programmed to give priority to […]

All the World’s a Meme

NFTs as Spiritual Gateways It’s no secret that most of us spend our lives glued to screens. We dance from platform to platform, with a sneaking suspicion that “social media” is making us feel more alone than ever. Somehow, anonymous platforms such as reddit or our favorite MMO allow us to express ourselves in a […]